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The opportunity for verifying the basic principles of quantum theory and possible $q$-deformation appears in quantum cryptography (QC) -- a new discipline of physics and information theory.\par The author, member of the group of cryptology of Praha, presents in this paper the possibility to verify the $q$-deformation of Heisenberg uncertainty relation $q$-deformed QM and possible discretization on the base of a model presented in the fourth section.\par In the seven sections, the author discusses these problems. First an introduction. The second section is on fractional supersymmetry and $q$-deformed quantum mechanics (QM). So he obtains fractional superspace. In section 3, he presents basic information on quantum cryptography (QC) used then for the verification of the $q$-deformation of QM in the null sector. In section 4, he presents a violation of quantum channel via $q$-deformation and in section 5 the $q$-deformed Heisenberg uncertainty relation in QC and a m!
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