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Equadiff 5
Proceedings of the Fifth Czechoslovak Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications held in Bratislava, August 24-28, 1981

Editor: Greguš, Michal
Organized by: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Comenius University in Bratislava
Venue: Bratislava, 1981

Publisher: BSB B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, Leipzig, 1982
Series: Teubner-Texte zur Mathematik, Bd. 47

MR0715934 | Zbl 0507.00006
MSC: 00B25, 34-06, 35-06, 65-06

Table of Contents

3 Preface.  
4-8 Contents.  
9-13 Untere Schranken für die Eigenwerte Stekloffscher Eigenwertaufgaben.  Goerisch, Friedrich; Albrecht, Julius
14-20 Solvability properties of semilinear operator equations.  Amann, Herbert
21-24 On the solution of indentation and crack problems in linear elasticity by use of higher special functions.  Arscott, F. M.
25-29 On the iterative solution of finite element systems of equations.  Axelsson, O.
30-33 Necessary conditions for the multiple integral problem and elliptic variational inequalities.  Barbu, Viorel
34-36 Ignition for a gaseous thermal reaction.  Bebernes, J. W.
37-40 The solution of the initial value problem for the general dynamic equations in nonlinear elasticity under damping conditions.  Beckert, Herbert
41-44 Transformations and factorisation of ordinary nonlinear differential equations.  Berkovič, L. M.
45-46 Oscillation of Bôcher's pairs with respect to halflinear second order diff. equ.-s.  Bihari, Imre
47-50 Homogenization for variational and quasi-variational inequalities.  Biroli, Marco
51-53 Integral representations of bounded harmonic functions.  Bliedtner, Jürgen
54-57 On the convergence of solutions of random differential equations.  Bobrowski, Dobiesław
58-63 Numerical imperfections near a critical point.  Brezzi, Franco
64-71 New functional spaces and linear nonstationary problems of mathematical physics.  Brilla, J.
72-80 Controllability of linear autonomous processes.  Conti, Roberto
81-83 Numerical approximation of a nonlinear Sturm-Liouville problem on an infinite interval.  Descloux, J.; Rappaz, J.
84-86 A duality principle for delay equations.  Diekmann, Odo
87-90 On the transformation theory of ordinary second-order linear symmetric differential equations.  Everitt, W. N.
91-94 Attractors of systems under bounded perturbation.  Farkas, M.
95-98 Matrix analysis of certain dynamical systems in technics (at linear, nonlinear, or random diff. and int. equations).  Fazekas, Francis
99-102 On the mathematical and numerical study of non-viscous axially symmetric channel flows.  Feistauer, Miloslav
103-106 Конструктивная теория оптимизации дифференциальных систем.  Gabasov, R.; Kirillova, F. M.
107-110 On an initial-value problem for a nonlinear transport equation in polymer chemistry.  Gajewski, Herbert; Zacharias, Klaus
111-114 Basic regularity of the minima of variational integrals.  Giusti, Enrico
115-118 Существование и построение периодических решений одной двухмерной нелинейной периодической системы дифференциальных уравнений.  Golokvoschyus, P. B.
119-122 Dissipation and asymptotic behaviour of some reaction-diffusion systems.  Gröger, Konrad
123-126 Singular perturbations with several parameters.  Dragan, Vasile; Halanay, Aristide
127-130 Approximation of contact problems with friction.  Haslinger, Jaroslav
131-135 Optimization of the domain in elliptic unilateral boundary value problems by finite element method.  Hlaváček, I.; Nečas, J.
136-139 Three applications of differential equations in turbulence research.  Hoffmeister, Manfred; Ullrich, Detlev; Dreßler, Bernd
140-144 Algorithm for construction of explicit $n$-order Runge-Kutta formulas for the systems of differential equations of the 1st order.  Huťa, Anton
145-154 On a fixed point index method for the analysis of the asymptotic behavior and boundary value problems of process and semidynamical systems.  Izé, A. F.
155-158 A diffusion reaction system modelling spatial patterns.  Jäger, Willi
159-164 О некоторых новых классах уравнений математической физики.  Novikov, V. A.; Lar'kin, Nikolai A.; Yanenko, N. N.
165-168 On the regularity for 2nd order nonlinear elliptic systems.  John, Oldřich; Nečas, Jindřich
169-173 On a degenerate parabolic boundary value problem.  Kačur, Jozef
174-178 On some singular boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations.  Kiguradze, I. T.
179-189 The role of center manifolds in ordinary differential equations.  Knobloch, H. W.; Aulbach, B.
190-193 On one system of nonlinear equations.  Kodnár, Rudolf
194-197 On the behaviour of the generalized solution of the biharmonic equation in two dimensions near singular point of the boundary.  Kopáček, Jiří
198-204 Potential flows.  Král, Josef
205-208 Cauchy's problem in the large for nonlinear hyperbolic equations and for the Korteweg-de Vries equation.  Kružhkov, Stanislav N.
209-211 Bifurcation problems for variational inequalities.  Kučera, Milan
212-217 A tribute to Bernard Bolzano.  Kurzweil, Jaroslav
218-221 Oscillation theory of higher-order ordinary and functional differential equations with forcing terms.  Kusano, Takaŝi
222-225 Stable, chaotic and optimal solutions of first order partial differential equations related with the cell kinetics.  Lasota, Andrzej
226-227 Факторизация и непонижение осцилляции на окружности.  Levin, Anatoliĭ
228-230 Free vibrations for the equation $u_{tt}-u_{xx}+f(u)=0$ with $f$ sublinear.  Lovicar, Vladimír
231-234 Duality methods in the theory of optimal control.  Lovíšek, Ján
235-236 Compatibility of systems of linear ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients.  Malikov, Khoris M.
237-240 Maxwell's equations with incident wave as a field source.  Janovský, V.; Marek, I.; Neuberg, J.
241-255 On the approximation of solenoidal and potential vector fields.  Maslennikova, V. N.; Bogovsky, M. E.
256-259 The periodic boundary value problem for some second order ordinary differential equations.  Mawhin, Jean
260-263 Generic bifurcations of vector fields with a singularity of codimension 3.  Medveď, Milan
264-267 Generalized Sommerfeld half-plane problems.  Meister, Erhard V.
268-271 Monotone extensions of operators and the first boundary value problem.  Netuka, Ivan
272-275 Linear differential equations - global theory.  Neuman, F.
276-279 The dimension of a set of singularities of weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations.  Neustupa, Jiří
280-283 Multiple Picard's method for the Stiff nonlinear two-point boundary value problems.  Bang, Nguyen Thanh
284-287 Homogenization of differential operators.  Oleinik, Olga A.
288-292 Mathematische Methoden zur Berechnung der transonischen Umströmung von dünnen Profilen.  Kozel, K.; Polášek, J.; Vavřincová, M.
293-296 The method of discretization in time and partial differential equations.  Rektorys, Karel
297-300 On the method of the solution of elasticity theory problem for the inhomogeneous and anisotropic body.  Sarkisyan, Vladimir S.
301-309 Нелинейные эллиптические граничные задачи в областях с мелкозернистой границей.  Skrypnik, Igor V.
310-313 On chaos in difference and differential-difference equations.  Smítalová, Kristína
314-317 Неполный метод Галеркина в задачах математической физики.  Sveshnikov, A. G.
318-323 On a nonlinear perturbation of a selfadjoint boundary value problem.  Šeda, Valter
324-328 Bifurcation in mathematical models of social and economic interaction.  Šlahor, L'udomír
329-338 Integral and asymptotic equivalence of two systems of differential equations.  Švec, Marko
339-343 On the transfer of conditions as applied to solving two-dimensional boundary value problems.  Taufer, Jiří
344-347 Monoton konvergente Iterationsprozesse zur Lösung diskretisierter nichtlinearer Randwertprobleme.  Törnig, W.
348-351 Bounds for eigenvalues of differential equations.  Velte, Waldemar
352-355 Strongly maximal matrix functions in regions containing stable solutions.  Vrkoč, Ivo
356-359 Convergence properties of the finite difference method for solving variational inequalities.  Weinelt, Wilfried
360-365 On boundary element methods for solving elliptic boundary value problems.  Wendland, Wolfgang L.
366-369 About the representation of solutions of linear elliptic equations of arbitrary order.  Wildenhain, Günther
370-373 On some semilinear Volterra diffusion equations arising in ecology.  Yamada, Yoshio
374-377 Perturbation methods in the theory of heat conduction.  Zino, Igor E.
378-386 Galerkin-finite element solution of nonlinear evolution problems.  Zlámal, Miloš
387-390 Finite element methods for linear coupled thermoelasticity.  Ženíšek, Alexander
391-395 Directory of the invited mathematicians.  
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