Nonlinear Analysis, Function Spaces and Applications


The series of Spring Schools has been organized in four years period since 1978 with the aim to bring together a broad audience including experienced mathematicians as well as students and to offer them extensive surveys of recent developments in the named fields delivered by distinguished specialists.


NAFSA 1:  Proceedings of the 1st Spring School, Horní Bradlo, 1978
NAFSA 2:  Proceedings of the 2nd Spring School, Písek, 1982
NAFSA 3:  Proceedings of the 3rd Spring School, Litomyšl, 1986
NAFSA 4:  Proceedings of the 4th Spring School, Roudnice nad Labem, 1990
NAFSA 5:  Proceedings of the 5th Spring School, Praha, 1994
NAFSA 6:  Proceedings of the 6th Spring School, Praha, 1998
NAFSA 7:  Proceedings of the 7th Spring School, Praha, 2002
NAFSA 8:  Proceedings of the 8th Spring School, Praha, 2006
NAFSA 9:  Proceedings of the 9th International School, Třešť, 2010
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