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Issue 2,  Volume 23, 1982 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

207-232 Generic differentiability of mappings and convex functions in Banach and locally convex spaces.  Le Van Hot
233-247 On the equation $x' = f(t, x)$ in Banach spaces.  Banaś, Józef; Hajnosz, Andrzej; Wedrychowicz, Stanisław
249-267 Fuzziness and fuzzy equality.  Pultr, Aleš
269-284 Preradicals and generalizations of $QF$-$3'$ modules. II.  Jirásko, Josef
285-299 The epis of ${\rm Pos} (Z)$.  Pasztor, A.
301-311 The completion monad and its algebra.  Salbany, Sergio
313-317 On a class of distributive Steiner quasigroups.  Scapellato, Raffaele
319-324 On a class of Moufang loops.  Gallina, Giordano
325-335 Simplicity of algebras requires to investigate almost all operations.  Demlová, M.; Demel, Jiří; Koubek, Václav
337-349 Extensions of $k$-subsets to $k+1$-subsets - existence versus constructability.  Poljak, Svatopluk; Turzík, Daniel; Pudlák, Pavel
351-354 A note on the joint spectrum in commutative Banach algebras.  Müller, Vladimír
355-357 A note on closed $N$-cells in ${\mathbb R}^N$.  Markl, Martin
359-368 Solvability of nonlinear problems at resonance.  Drábek, Pavel
369-381 On the monoids of homomorphisms of semigroups with unity.  Kučera, Luděk
383-398 Constant and variable drop theorems on metrizable locally convex spaces.  Turinici, Mihai
399-413 Generic properties of von Kármán equations.  Quittner, Pavol
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