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Issue 1,  Volume 23, 1982 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-10 О пространствах, каждое факторное отображение на которые псевдооткрыто.  Okromeshko, N. G.
11-24 Peripherally compact mappings.  Miškin, Valéry
25-40 Preradicals and generalizations of $QF$-$3'$ modules. I.  Jirásko, Josef
41-54 Finitely generated relations and their applications to permutable and $n$-permutable varieties.  Chajda, Ivan; Duda, Jaromír
55-79 Metamathematics of the alternative set theory. II.  Sochor, Antonín
81-87 The volume conjecture and four-dimensional hypersurfaces.  Kowalski, Oldřich
89-103 The LCC-topology on the space of continuous functions.  Šiška, Jaromír
105-116 On measures of noncompactness in topological vector spaces.  Rzepecki, Bogdan
117-121 On recursive measure of classes of recursive sets.  Kučera, Antonín
123-136 On maximal matchings in $Q_6$ and a conjecture of R. Forcade.  Havel, Ivan; Křivánek, Mirko
137-145 Fixed point theorems for multivalued mappings.  Le Van Hot
147,148-158 Almost lower semicontinuous multifunctions and the Souslin-graph theorem.  Wilhelm, Marek
159-166 $E$-rings and differential polynomials over universal fields.  Trlifaj, Jan
167-171 Two-valued measure need not be purely $\aleph_0$-compact.  Aniszczyk, Bohdan
173-182 Asymptotic properties of some tests under almost regular assumptions.  Hušková, Marie
183-191 Inverse limits of smooth continua.  Charatonik, Włodzimierz J.
193-198 On coverings of random graphs.  Ajtai, M.; Komlos, J.; Rödl, Vojtěch; Szemeredi, E.
199-205 The number of minimal varieties of idempotent groupoids.  Ježek, Jaroslav
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