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Issue 4,  Volume 23, 1982 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

613-628 Restricted mean value property in axiomatic potential theory.  Veselý, Jiří
629-644 Basic equivalences in the alternative set theory.  Čuda, Karel; Kussová, Blanka
645-655 A Liouville theorem for nonlinear elliptic systems with isotropic nonlinearities.  Lions, Pierre-Louis; Nečas, Jindřich; Netuka, Ivan
657-669 Euler polygons and Kneser's theorem for solutions of differential equations in Banach spaces.  Rzepecki, Bogdan
671-684 The ranges of nonlinear operators of the polynomial type.  Voldřich, Josef
685-690 The interior regularity and the Liouville property for the quasilinear parabolic systems.  John, Oldřich
691-697 On the symmetry of approximate Dini derivates of arbitrary functions.  Preiss, David; Zajíček, Luděk
699-713 A logical analysis of the truth-reaction paradox.  Bendová, Kamila; Hájek, Petr
715-726 Representations of commutative semigroups by products of metric $0$-dimensional spaces.  Vinárek, Jiří
727-738 On equilibrium point in topological vector spaces.  Hadžić, Olga
739-745 Bipartite intersection graphs.  Harary, Frank; Kabell, Jerald A.; McMorris, F. R.
747-756 Products of convergence properties.  Gerlits, János; Nagy, Zsigmond
757-766 Ultrafilters without immediate predecessors in Rudin-Frolík order.  Butkovičová, Eva
767-784 Remarks on subsets of Cartesian products of metric spaces.  Klebanov, Boris S.
785-803 An elimination of the predicate “to be a standard member” in nonstandard models of arithmetic.  Čuda, Karel
805-810 Another note on closed $N$-cells in ${\bf R}^N$.  Mitchell, Rae W. J.
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