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Issue 4,  Volume 27, 1986 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

633-649 Simultaneous representations in discrete structures.  Trnková, Věra
651-664 Weak uniform rotundity in Orlicz spaces.  Kamińska, Anna; Kurc, Wiesław
665-672 Some properties of $C_p (X)$.  Valov, Vesko
673-676 On the cardinality of Lindelöf subspaces of function spaces.  Arhangel'skii, Aleksander V.; Uspenskij, Vladimir Vladimirovich
677-681 On the tightness of chain-net spaces.  Juhász, István; Weiss, William
683-694 On one construction of all quasifields of order 9.  Knoflíček, František
695-704 The coarsest topology for $I$-approximately continuous functions.  Łazarow, Ewa
705-712 On pointwise limits of sequences of $I$-continuous functions.  Balcerzak, Marek; Łazarow, Ewa
713-721 Interpolation spaces $\overline{X}_{\phi(\overline E)}$.  Mastyło, Mieczysłav
723-729 Covariant approach to natural transformations of Weil functors.  Kolář, Ivan
731-735 On a fixed point theorem and applications to a two point boundary value problem.  Zuluaga, Mario
737-740 Estimator of variance of Wiener process based on its integral.  Herbst, Tomáš
741-753 On the Rényi dimension.  Katětov, Miroslav
755-764 Regularity for nonlinear elliptic systems of second order.  Daněček, Josef
765-773 $\beta$-structures.  Mlček, Josef
775-789 Random seminormed spaces.  Michálek, J.
791-804 On the solution of transonic flows with weak shocks.  Feistauer, Miloslav; Nečas, Jindřich
805-814 On set tightness and $T$-tightness.  Bella, Angelo
815-827 Multipliers on a nearlattice.  Noor, Abu Saleh Abdun; Cornish, William H.
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