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Issue 1-2,  Volume 33, 1997 (Archivum Mathematicum)

Issue dedicated to Professor Otakar Borůvka

1-7 Otakar Borůvka, his life and work.  Neuman, František
9-12 From the recollections of Otakar Borůvka -- the founder of the Brno school of differential equations.  Šarmanová, Petra
13-14 A reminiscence about shortest spanning subtrees.  Kruskal, Joseph B.
15-22 A few remarks on the history of MST-problem.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav
23-35 On the iterated absolute differentiation on some functional bundles.  Cabras, Antonella; Kolář, Ivan
37-40 On Veronese-Borůvka spheres.  Kenmotsu, K.
41-56 On superminimal surfaces.  Friedrich, Thomas
57-64 Homomorphisms and strong homomorphisms of relational structures.  Novotný, Miroslav
65-74 Transformation theory of linear ordinary differential equations -- from local to global investigations.  Neuman, František
75-98 Transformations of linear differential equations of second order and adjoined nonlinear equations.  Berkovich, L. M.; Rozov, N. H.
99-108 Asymptotic behavior of solutions of third order delay differential equations.  Cecchi, M.; Došlá, Zuzana
109-120 On solutions of differential equations with ``common zero'' at infinity.  Elbert, Árpád; Vosmanský, Jaromír
121-126 On a perturbed nonlinear third order differential equation.  Greguš, M.
127-138 On the Vallée-Poussin problem for singular differential equations with deviating arguments.  Kiguradze, Ivan; Půža, Bedřich
139-145 Some remarks on the $\Omega $-stability for families of polynomials.  Mawhin, Jean
147-155 Dispersions for linear differential equations of arbitrary order.  Neuman, František
157-165 Some classes of linear $n$th-order differential equations.  Šeda, Valter
167-171 Periodic boundary value problem of a fourth order differential inclusion.  Švec, Marko
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