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Issue 1,  Volume 34, 1984 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-5 Voronoi's congruence via Bernoulli distributions.  Porubský, Štefan
6-17 О решётке $o$-аппроксимируемых $\ell$-многообразий.  Medvedev, N.Ya.
18-(21) An oscillation criterion for $n$-th order nonlinear differential equations with retarded arguments.  Grace, Said R.; Lalli, Bikkar S.
22-27 A tiny peculiar Fréchet space.  Frič, Roman; Novák, Josef
28-45 Note on spectral theory of nonlinear operators: Extensions of some surjectivity theorems of Fučík and Nečas.  Pacella, Filomena
46-63 Differentiable manifolds with generalized boundary.  Graham, George
64-83 A general concept of the pseudoprojective module.  Bican, Ladislav; Jirásko, Josef
84-91 Representations of group and semigroup actions.  Sizer, Walter S.
92-106 Application of Rothe's method to perturbed linear hyperbolic equations and variational inequalities.  Kačur, Jozef
107-112 Oscillation of second order delay and ordinary differential equation.  Ohriska, Ján
113-120 Oscillation theorems for a class of linear fourth order differential equations.  Regenda, Ján
121-125 Semigroups and rings whose proper one-sided ideals are power joined.  Cherubini, Alessandra; Varisco, Ada
126-129 Some remarks on topologically semiprime ideals.  Shum, Kar-Ping
130-145 Regular functions of complex quaternionic variable.  Měska, Jiří
146-155 Mean curvature functions for codimension-one foliations with all leaves compact.  Walczak, Paweł Grzegorz
156-162 A Ford-Fulkerson type theorem concerning vector-valued flows in infinite networks.  Neumann, Michael
163-164 In memoriam Professor Zdeněk Pírko.  Jankovský, Zdeněk
165-167 In memoriam Professor Karel Havlíček.  Drábek, Karel
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