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Issue 1,  Volume 38, 1997 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-13 On the WM property of Orlicz sequence spaces endowed with the Orlicz norm.  Baoxiang, Wang; Tingfu, Wang; Cuixia, Hao
15-28 Surjectivity results for nonlinear mappings without oddness conditions.  Feng, W.; Webb, J. R. L.
29-35 Smooth approximation in weighted Sobolev spaces.  Kilpeläinen, T.
37-59 Stability in nonlinear evolution problems by means of fixed point theorems.  Koliha, J. J.; Straškraba, Ivan
61-71 On variations of functions of one real variable.  Pfeffer, Washek F.
73-90 Isometric classification of norms in rearrangement-invariant function spaces.  Randrianantoanina, Beata
91-99 Nonconcentrating generalized Young functionals.  Roubíček, Tomáš
101-108 Firmly pseudo-contractive mappings and fixed points.  Sharma, B. K.; Sahu, D. R.
109-119 The a priori estimate of the maximum modulus to solutions of doubly nonlinear parabolic equations.  Liang, Xiting,; Zaide, Wu
121-124 A note on Möbius inversion over power set lattices.  Dohmen, Klaus
125-136 $T$-preserving homomorphisms of oriented graphs.  Nešetřil, J.; Sopena, E.; Vignal, L.
137-148 Metrizable completely distributive lattices.  De-Xue, Zhang
149-156 On simple recognizing of bounded sets.  Hejcman, Jan
157-164 Mazur-like topological linear spaces and their products.  Hušek, Miroslav
165-168 A functional representation of the hyperspace monad.  Radul, Taras
169-175 Some non-multiplicative properties are $l$-invariant.  Tkachuk, Vladimir V.
177-186 On the gonality of curves in $\bold P^n$.  Ballico, E.
187-192 On strong laws for generalized L-statistics with dependent data.  Gilat, David; Helmers, Roelof
193-202 On a nonstationary discrete time infinite horizon growth model with uncertainty.  Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.; Papalini, Francesca; Vercillo, Susanna
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