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Issue 4,  Volume 39, 1998 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

633-643 Weak Krull-Schmidt theorem.  Bican, Ladislav
645-659 Representation theorem for convex effect algebras.  Gudder, S.; Pulmannová, S.
661-669 On the homology of free Lie algebras.  Popescu, Calin
671-684 The periodic problem for semilinear differential inclusions in Banach spaces.  Bader, Ralf
685-696 Differentiability for minimizers of anisotropic integrals.  Cavaliere, P.; D'Ottavio, A.; Leonetti, F.; Longobardi, M.
697-707 Gehring theory for time-discrete hyperbolic differential equations.  Hoshino, K.; Kikuchi, N.
709-719 Existence of nonzero nonnegative solutions of semilinear equations at resonance.  Fečkan, Michal
721-732 Nearly smooth points and near smoothness in Orlicz spaces.  Donghai, Ji; Lü, Yanming; Tingfu, Wang
733-748 Classifications and characterizations of Baire-1 functions.  Kiriakouli, P.
749-753 Weakly uniformly rotund Banach spaces.  Moltó, A.; Montesinos, V.; Orihuela, J.; Troyanski, S.
755-763 On Besov spaces and absolute convergence of the Fourier transform on Heisenberg groups.  Skrzypczak, Leszek
765-775 A function related to the central limit theorem.  Bracken, Paul
777-784 A Carleson inequality for $BMOA$ functions with their derivatives on the unit ball.  Wulan, Hasi
785-795 Inverse distributions: the logarithmic case.  Sacchetti, Dario
797-807 A retractible non-locally connected dendroid.  Illanes, Alejandro
809-817 Decreasing (G) spaces.  Stares, Ian
819-831 Some results on sequentially compact extensions.  Vipera, M. Cristina
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