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degeneracy; Muckenhoupt class; pointwise estimate; nonlinear elliptic equation; capacity; a-priori estimate
The paper is devoted to the estimate \vert u(x,k)\vert\leq K\vert k\vert\left\{\mathop cap\nolimits_{p,w}(F)\frac{\rho^p}{w(B(x,\rho))}\right\} ^{\frac1{p-1}}, $2\<p<n$ for a solution of a degenerate nonlinear elliptic equation in a domain ${B(x_0,1)\setminus F}$, $F\subset B(x_0,d)=\{x\in\Bbb R^n |x_0-x|<d\}$, $d<\frac12$, under the boundary-value conditions $u(x,k)=k$ for $x\in\partial F$, $ u(x,k)=0$ for $x\in\partial B(x_0,1)$ and where $0<\rho\leq\mathop dist(x,F)$, $w(x)$ is a weighted function from some Muckenhoupt class, and $\mathop cap_{p,w}(F)$, $w(B(x,\rho))$ are weighted capacity and measure of the corresponding sets.
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