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Issue 2-3,  Volume 124, 1999 (Mathematica Bohemica)

113-121 On a higher-order Hardy inequality.  Edmunds, David E.; Rákosník, Jiří
123-130 Hardy inequalities in function spaces.  Triebel, Hans
131-148 On pointwise interpolation inequalities for derivatives.  Maz'ya, Vladimir; Shaposhnikova, Tatyana
149-166 Positive solutions of critical quasilinear elliptic equations in $R \sp N$.  Binding, Paul A.; Drábek, Pavel; Huang, Yin Xi
167-172 Some classes of infinitely differentiable functions.  Balashova, G. S.
173-184 On weighted estimates of solutions of nonlinear elliptic problems.  Skrypnik, Igor V.; Larin, Dmitry V.
185-192 Alcune osservazioni sul rango numerico per operatori non lineari.  Appell, Jürgen; Conti, G.; Santucci, P.
193-219 The obstacle problem for functions of least gradient.  Ziemer, William P.; Zumbrun, Kevin
221-229 Ein „merkwürdiges” Spektrum für nichtlineare Operatoren.  Appell, Jürgen
231-244 Modular inequalities for the Hardy averaging operator.  Heinig, Hans P.
245-254 Local solvability and regularity results for a class of semilinear elliptic problems in nonsmooth domains.  Bochniak, M.; Sändig, A.-M.
255-271 On monotone-like mappings in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces.  Mustonen, Vesa; Tienari, Matti
273-292 Two separation criteria for second order ordinary or partial differential operators.  Brown, R. C.; Hinton, D. B.
293-302 On maximal overdetermined Hardy's inequality of second order on a finite interval.  Nasyrova, Maria; Stepanov, Vladimir
303-314 On some geometric properties of certain Köthe sequence spaces.  Cui, Yunan; Hudzik, Henryk; Zhang, Tao
315-328 A second look on definition and equivalent norms of Sobolev spaces.  Naumann, J.; Simader, C. G.
329-335 Weighted multidimensional inequalities for monotone functions.  Barza, Sorina; Persson, Lars-Erik
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