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Issue 1,  Volume 39, 2000 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

(7)-16 Natural tensor fields of type $(0,2)$ on the tangent and cotangent bundles of a semi-Riemannian manifold.  Araujo, José; Keilhauer, Guillermo
17-35 Approximation from the exterior of Carathéodory multifunctions.  Benassi, Carlo; Gavioli, Andrea
37-49 The natural operators transforming affinors to tensor fields of type $(3,3)$.  Dębecki, Jacek
51-66 The nonlinear periodic second order boundary value problem.  Draessler, Jan
67-71 Galois triangle theory for direct summands of modules.  Jukl, Marek
73-94 Optimal quadratic interpolatory splines on general knotset.  Kobza, Jiří
95-105 Linear models with nuisance parameters and deformation measurement.  Kunderová, Pavla
107-121 Two point boundary value problems for linear third order differential equations in the Colombeau algebra.  Ligęza, Jan
123-142 Special incidence structures of type $(p,n)$.  Machala, František
143-157 Chipman pseudoinverse of matrix, its computation and application in spline theory.  Machalová, Jitka
159-167 Asymptotic properties of solutions of the third order quasilinear neutral differential equations.  Marušiak, Pavol; Janík, Vladimír
169-182 Some notes to certain modification of the Oseen problem.  Pokorný, Milan; Trojek, Petr
183-189 MV-algebras with additive closure operators.  Rachůnek, Jiří; Švrček, Filip
191-202 Span in incidence structures of independent sets defined on projective space.  Slezák, Vladimír
203-208 Convolution product of periodic distributions and the Dirichlet problem on the unit disc.  Sztaba, Urszula
209-213 Irreducible elements of posets.  Vránová, Lidmila
215-247 On the generalization of the STER distribution applied to generalized hypergeometric parents.  Wimmer, Gejza; Altmann, Gabriel
249-261 On Seifert's ANOVA-like test for variance components.  Witkovský, Viktor
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