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Issue 5,  Volume 34, 1998 (Kybernetika)

[497]-514 Neural network realizations of Bayes decision rules for exponentially distributed data.  Vajda, Igor; Lonek, Belomír; Nikolov, Viktor; Veselý, Arnošt
[515]-534 Detection of influential points by convex hull volume minimization.  Tichavský, Petr; Boček, Pavel
[535]-543 Modified minimax quadratic estimation of variance components.  Witkovský, Viktor
[545]-554 On Bartlett's test for correlation between time series.  Anděl, Jiří; Antoch, Jaromír
[555]-564 A spectral characterization of the behavior of discrete time AR–representations over a finite time interval.  Antoniou, E. N.; Vardulakis, A. I. G.; Karampetakis, N. P.
[565]-578 Notes on $\mu$ and $l_1$ robustness tests.  Kovács, Gábor Z.; Hangos, Katalin M.
[579]-594 Robust exponential stability of a class of nonlinear systems.  Veselý, Vojtech; Rosinová, Danica
[595]-607 A reduction principle for global stabilization of nonlinear systems.  Outbib, Rachid; Sallet, Gauthier
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