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Issue 6,  Volume 34, 1998 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: 5th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems

[609] Special issue: 5th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems.  Djaferis, Theodore E.; Demetriou, Michael A.; Ioannou, Petros
[610]-624 Transfer function equivalence of feedback/feedforward compensators.  Kučera, Vladimír
[625]-634 The finite inclusions theorem: a tool for robust design.  Djaferis, Theodore E.
[635]-654 The tracking and regulation problem for a class of generalized systems.  Tornambè, Antonio
[655]-665 Optimal placement of controls for a one-dimensional active noise control problem.  Fahroo, Fariba
[667]-679 Detection and accommodation of second order distributed parameter systems with abrupt changes in input term: stability and adaptation.  Demetriou, Michael A.; Polycarpou, Marios M.
[681]-691 Delay-dependent robust stability conditions and decay estimates for systems with input delays.  Hrissagis, Kostas; Kosmidou, Olga I.
[693]-712 Numerical studies of parameter estimation techniques for nonlinear evolution equations.  Ackleh, Azmy S.; Ferdinand, Robert R.; Reich, Simeon
[713]-724 Nonexpansive maps and option pricing theory.  Kolokoltsov, Vassili N.
[725]-738 Finite-dimensionality of information states in optimal control of stochastic systems: a Lie algebraic approach.  Charalambous, Charalambos D.
[739]-746 Estimation of hidden Markov models for a partially observed risk sensitive control problem.  Frankpitt, Bernard; Baras, John S.
[747]-[748] News. Forty years of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation.  Mareš, Milan
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