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Issue 4,  Volume 32, 1982 (Mathematica Slovaca)

321-325 Compact partially ordered sets and compactification of partially ordered sets.  Abian, Alexander; Lihová, Judita
327-335 On Lebesgue pseudonorms on $C_0(T)$.  Dobrakov, Ivan
337-342 Entropy for noninvariant measures.  Komorníková, Magda; Komorník, Jozef
343-348 Sur la structure des automates probabilistes.  Allard, André
349-354 On the functional independence of scalar invariants of curvature for dimensions n=2,3,4.  Mikolášová, Věra
355-359 On a property of Riesz spaces.  Potocký, Rastislav
361-366 Homomorphisms of finite bipartite graphs onto complete bipartite graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
367-378 Triple construction of semilattices with $1$ admitting neutral $p$-closure operators.  Ramana Murty, P.V.; Raman, V.
379-388 Complexity of decomposing graphs into factors with given diameters or radii.  Plesník, Ján
389-395 About $\sigma$-additive and $\sigma$-maxitive measures.  Riečanová, Zdena
397-402 On a certain lattice of topologies on a product of metric spaces.  Doboš, Jozef
403-404 Reconstruction of graphs with special degree-sequences.  Širáň, Jozef
405-412 On the oscillation of solutions of $y\sp{(2n)}+By'+A\sb 1(t)y=0$, $B<0$.  Mamrilla, Juraj
413-416 Individual ergodic theorem on a logic.  Pulmannová, Sylvia
417-425 $l$-многообразия без независимого базиса тождеств.  Medvedev, N. Ya.
427-434 On the solutions of $n$-th order nonlinear differential equation in $L^2(0,\infty)$.  Eliaš, Jozef
435-440 Quasicommutative weakly primary semigroups.  Kmeť, František
440-442 Book Reviews.  
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