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Issue 2,  Volume 57, 2016 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

135-154 On the potential theory of some systems of coupled PDEs.  Aslimani, Abderrahim; El Ghazi, Imad; El Kadiri, Mohamed; Haddad, Sabah
155-162 $E_1$-degeneration and $d'd''$-lemma.  Chen, Tai-Wei; Ho, Chung-I; Teh, Jyh-Haur
163-168 A note on the commutator of two operators on a locally convex space.  Kramar, Edvard
169-183 Global existence results for second order neutral functional differential equation with state-dependent delay.  Benchohra, Mouffak; Medjadj, Imene
185-200 Spectral element discretization of the heat equation with variable diffusion coefficient.  Daikh, Y.; Chikouche, W.
201-229 Summation equations with sign changing kernels and applications to discrete fractional boundary value problems.  Goodrich, Christopher S.
231-239 The $\sigma$-property in $C(X)$.  Hager, Anthony W.
241-252 On preimages of ultrafilters in ZF.  Herrlich, Horst; Howard, Paul; Keremedis, Kyriakos
253-260 On a question of $C_c(X)$.  Olfati, A. R.
261-270 Remarks on $LBI$-subalgebras of $C(X)$.  Parsinia, Mehdi
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