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Proceedings of the 14th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editors: Frolík, Z.; Souček, V.; Fabián, M.
Organized by: Institute of Mathematics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences; Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University of Prague
Venue: Srní, 1987

Publisher: Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Palermo, 1987
Series: Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Serie II, Supplemento No. 14

MR0920842 | Zbl 0627.00012

Table of Contents

[7] Foreword.  Frolík, Z.; Souček, V.; Fabián, M.
[10]-[12] List of participants.  
[13]-24 Conjugation in spinor spaces Majorana and Weyl spinors.  Crumeyrolle, A.
[25]-42 Characters of the irreducible highest weight modules over the virasoro and super-virasoro algebras.  Dobrev, V. K.
[43]-59 Horizontal lift of tensor fields of type (1,1) from a manifold to its tangent bundle of higher order.  Gancarzewicz, Jacek; Mahi, Salima; Rahmani, Noureddine
[61]-76 An application of quaternionic analysis to the solution of time-independent Maxwell equations and of Stokes’ equation.  Gürlebeck, Klaus; Sprössig, Wolfgang
[77]-92 Supersymmetry algebras: extensions of orthgonal Lie algebras.  Hasiewicz, Zbigniew
[93]-103 A gauge theory for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili system.  Kanemaki, S.; Królikowski, W.; Suzuki, O.
[105]-115 The regularity condition for some natural functors.  Pogoda, Zdzisław
[117]-128 The short-time propagator and the boundary conditions in the quantum mechanics.  Prešnajder, P.; Pažma, V.
[129]-142 Natural transformations of affine connections on manifolds to metrics on cotangent bundles.  Sekizawa, Masami
[143]-155 Prolongations of connections and sprays with respect to Weil functors.  Slovák, Jan
[157]-177 Spingroups and spherical means II.  Sommen, F.
[179]-186 Natural operations with second order jets.  Kolář, Ivan; Vosmanská, Gabriela
[187]-224 Geometry of Lagrangean structures. 3.  Krupka, Demeter
[225]-229 Algebraic properties of the 3-state vector Potts model.  Kwaśniewski, A. K.
[231]-234 Calculation of the free energy in a simple model.  Kwaśniewski, A. K.
[235]-246 The cohomology of the diffeomorphism group of a manifold is a Gelfand-Fuks cohomology.  Michor, Peter W.
[247]-253 Totally real submanifolds of $S^6 (1)$ with parallel second fundamental form.  Opozda, Barbara
[256]-[259] List of Participants.  
[261]-293 Convexity in combinatorial structures.  Duchet, Pierre
[295]-304 Harmonic majorization and thinness.  Essén, Matts
[305]-307 On the Clarke’s generalized jacobian.  Fabian, M.; Preiss, D.
[309]-328 Operators in normed almost linear spaces.  Godini, G.
[329]-333 Almost continuous functions with closed graphs.  Holá, Ľubica
[335]-338 Musielak-Orlicz algebras.  Hudzik, Henryk
[339]-343 Choquet simplices and Harnack inequalities.  Kesel’man, D. G.
[345]-351 Set-valued mappings and structure of Banach spaces.  Kolomý, Josef
[353]-363 Systems of covers of frames and resulting subframes.  Kříž, I.; Pultr, A.
[365]-384 The Lefschetz type theorem for a class of noncompact mappings.  Kryszewski, W.
[385]-389 On sets of small measure.  Kulcsárová, Ol'ga; Riečan, Beloslav
[391]-397 A vector lattice variant of the ergodic theorem.  Maličký, Peter
[399]-405 On generalized Blumberg sets.  Neubrunn, Tibor
[407]-409 On extensions of measures which are maximal with respect to a chain.  Plebanek, Grzegorz
[411]-417 The superposition operator in Musielak-Orlicz spaces of vector-valued functions.  Płuciennik, Ryszard
[419]-426 A note on Fiedler-Moravek combinatorial problem.  Vinárek, Jiří
[427]-437 Continuity of the identity embedding of Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces.  Wisła, Marek
[439]-446 Ergodic theorems in $\sigma$ -lattice cones.  Gologan, Radu-Nicolae
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