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Issue 1,  Volume 27, 1986 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1a-1b Mathematical conferences 1987.  
1-15 A note on dense subspaces of dyadic compact spaces.  Tkačenko, Michael G.
17-33 Countable inductive definitions in AST.  Tzouvaras, Athanossios
35-51 Ultrafilters and endomorphic universes.  Tzouvaras, Athanossios
53-67 The monotone limit convergence theorem for elementary functions with values in a vector lattice.  Maličký, Peter
69-81 Filter convergence via sequential convergence.  Beattie, Ronald; Butzmann, Heinz-Peter; Herrlich, Horst
83-86 Approximate symmetric derivative and monotonicity.  Matoušek, Jiří
87-101 Stability and saddle-point property for a linear autonomous functional parabolic equation.  Milota, Jaroslav
103-121 The consistency of the measurability of projective semisets.  Čuda, Karel
123-136 Counterexample to the regularity of weak solution of the quasilinear parabolic system.  Stará, Jana; John, Oldřich; Malý, Jan
137-154 On pseudo-radial spaces.  Arhangel'skii, Aleksander V.; Isler, R.; Tironi, G.
155-161 Two examples of pseudo-radial spaces.  Simon, Petr; Tironi, Gino
163-170 Free sequences in pseudo-radial spaces.  Bella, Angelo
171-187 Destabilizing effect of unilateral conditions in reaction-diffusion systems.  Kučera, Milan; Neustupa, Jiří
189-204 Fixpunktsätze für limeskompakte mengenwertige Abbildungen in nicht notwendig lokalkonvexen topologischen Vektorräumen.  Hahn, Siegfried
205 On estimating the diffusion coefficient.  Dohnal, Gejza
205-206 On a class of weak Asplund spaces which has some permanence properties.  Jokl, Luděk
206-208 Width compactness theorem and well-quasi-ordering infinite graphs.  Thomas, Robin
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