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Issue 2-3,  Volume 26, 1990 (Archivum Mathematicum)

65-66 Academician Otakar Borůvka (on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday).  
67-71 On some inequalities characterizing the exponential function.  Alsina, Claudi; García Roig, Jaime L.
73-81 Multiplicative solution theory for three-path combinations.  Arscott, Felix M.
83-91 On oscillatory solutions of nonlinear differential equations of the $n$-th order vanishing at infinity.  Bartušek, Miroslav
93-99 On centers of type $B$ of polynomial systems.  Conti, Roberto
101-105 On the asymptotic properties of solutions of nonlinear third order differential equation.  Greguš, Michal
107,108-114 Oб инвариантности характеристических показателей линейных систем при экспоненциально убывающих возмущениях.  Izobov, N. A.; Stepanovich, O. P.
115-119 On torsion classes generated by radical classes of lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
121-127 Direct factors of multilattice groups.  Kolibiar, Milan
129,130-136 Ordinary differential equations the solution of which are $ACG_*$-functions.  Kurzweil, Jaroslav; Schwabik, Štefan
137-146 Some monotonicity properties associated with the zeros of Bessel functions.  Lorch, Lee
147-154 On Halphen and Laguerre-Forsyth canonical forms of linear differential equations.  Neuman, František
155-164 Mono-unary algebras in the work of Czechoslovak mathematicians.  Novotný, Miroslav
165-172 A class of globally univalent differentiable mappings.  Olech, C.; Parthasarathy, T.; Ravindran, G.
173-179 On effective criteria of solvability of the boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations of the $n$-th order.  Půža, Bedřich
181-185 On correctness of the generalized boundary value problem for systems of ordinary differential equations.  Šeda, Valter
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