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Issue 4,  Volume 41, 2000 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

651-661 Hopf algebras of smooth functions on compact Lie groups.  Farkas, Eva C.
663-669 On quasigroups with the left loop property.  Issa, A. Nourou
671-686 Polyabelian loops and Boolean completeness.  Lemieux, François; Moore, Cristopher; Thérien, Denis
687-691 On abelian inner mapping groups of finite loops.  Niemenmaa, Markku
693-718 Cauchy-Neumann problem for a class of nondiagonal parabolic systems with quadratic growth nonlinearities I. On the continuability of smooth solutions.  Arkhipova, A.
719-734 On the semilinear multi-valued flow under constraints and the periodic problem.  Bader, Ralf
735-745 Multiple solutions of a Schrödinger type semilinear equation.  Liu, Xiaochun; Yang, Jianfu
747-759 Products in almost $f$-algebras.  Boulabiar, K.
761-764 A note on copies of $c_0$ in spaces of weak* measurable functions.  Ferrando, J. C.
765-771 Projections from $L(X,Y)$ onto $K(X,Y)$.  John, Kamil
773-792 Polynomial time bounded truth-table reducibilities to padded sets.  Glasnák, Vladimír
793-801 Three-and-more set theorems.  Hell, Pavol; Nešetřil, J.; Raspaud, A.; Sopena, E.
803-810 On topological and algebraic structure of extremally disconnected semitopological groups.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.
811-815 Locally minimal topological groups and their embeddings into products of $o$-bounded groups.  Banakh, T.
817-819 On Mazurkiewicz sets.  Charatonik, Marta N.; Charatonik, Włodzimierz J.
821-827 Some examples related to colorings.  van Hartskamp, Michael; van Mill, Jan
829-842 Spaces not distinguishing convergences.  Repický, Miroslav
843-853 On indefinite BV-integrals.  Bongiorno, D.; Darji, U.; Pfeffer, W. F.
855-859 Hu's Primal Algebra Theorem revisited.  Porst, Hans-E.
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