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Issue 1,  Volume 43, 2002 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-8 Minimally nonassociative Moufang loops with a unique nonidentity commutator are ring alternative.  Chein, Orin; Goodaire, Edgar G.
9-21 A characterization of $C_2(q)$ where $q>5$.  Iranmanesh, A.; Khosravi, B.
23-31 On algebra homomorphisms in complex almost $f$-algebras.  Triki, Abdelmajid
33-42 On $p$-injectivity, YJ-injectivity and quasi-Frobeniusean rings.  Yue Chi Ming, Roger
43-59 Weighted Miranda-Talenti inequality and applications to equations with discontinuous coefficients.  Leonardi, S.
61-75 A counterexample to the smoothness of the solution to an equation arising in fluid mechanics.  Montgomery-Smith, Stephen; Pokorný, Milan
77-81 On the convergence of certain sums of independent random elements.  Ferrando, J. C.
83-101 Weighted inequalities for commutators of one-sided singular integrals.  Lorente, M.; Riveros, M. S.
103-117 Duality properties and Riesz representation theorem in the Besicovitch-Orlicz space of almost periodic functions.  Morsli, M.; Bedouhene, F.; Boulahia, F.
119-132 Sequentially compact sets in a class of generalized Orlicz spaces.  Wang, Jincai
133-147 Riesz angles of Orlicz sequence spaces.  Yan, Ya Qiang
149-154 An example of a $\Cal C^{1,1}$ function, which is not a d.c. function.  Zelený, Miroslav
155-158 Locally compact linearly Lindelöf spaces.  Kunen, Kenneth
159-164 A $\beta$-normal Tychonoff space which is not normal.  Murtinová, Eva
165-174 Disasters in metric topology without choice.  Tachtsis, Eleftherios
175-179 A proof for the Blair-Hager-Johnson theorem on absolute $z$-embedding.  Yamazaki, Kaori
181-188 Forcing with ideals generated by closed sets.  Zapletal, Jindřich
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