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Issue 2,  Volume 56, 2006 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

273-286 Existence and asymptotic stability for viscoelastic problems with nonlocal boundary dissipation.  Park, Jong Yeoul; Park, Sun Hye
287-298 Finite rank operators in Jacobson radical ${\scr R}\sb{{\scr N}\otimes{\scr M}}$.  Zhe, Dong
299-316 Indecomposable matrices over a distributive lattice.  Tan, Yi-jia
317-338 The hamiltonian chromatic number of a connected graph without large hamiltonian-connected subgraphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
339-348 $R_0$-algebras and weak dually residuated lattice ordered semigroups.  Lianzhen, Liu; Kaitai, Li
349-357 Regular submodules of torsion modules over a discrete valuation domain.  Astuti, Pudji; Wimmer, Harald K.
359-376 The Euler-Poincaré-Hopf theorem for flat connections in some transitive Lie algebroids.  Kubarski, Jan
377-388 Real hypersurfaces with constant totally real bisectional curvature in complex space forms.  Ortega, Miguel; Pérez, Juan de Dios; Suh, Young Jin
389-402 On some constructions of algebraic objects.  Novotný, Miroslav
403-415 On monotone permutations of $\ell$-cyclically ordered sets.  Jakubík, Ján
417-423 Connected domination critical graphs with respect to relative complements.  Chen, Xue-Gang; Sun, Liang
425-435 Functionals on function and sequence spaces connected with the exponential stability of evolutionary processes.  Preda, Petre; Pogan, Alin; Preda, Ciprian
437-474 Dimension in algebraic frames.  Martínez, Jorge
475-490 Riemann type integrals for functions taking values in a locally convex space.  Marraffa, V.
491-506 A sequential iteration algorithm with non-monotoneous behaviour in the method of projections onto convex sets.  Crombez, G.
507-513 A note on embedding into product spaces.  Sofi, M. A.
515-524 Perimeter preserver of matrices over semifields.  Song, Seok-Zun; Kang, Kyung-Tae; Jun, Young-Bae
525-532 A local convergence theorem for partial sums of stochastic adapted sequences.  Yang, Weiguo; Ye, Zhongxing; Liu, Wen
533-541 Involutions and semiinvolutions.  Ishibashi, Hiroyuki
543-558 A space of generalized distributions.  Loura, L.
559-578 Variational measures related to local systems and the Ward property of $\scr P$-adic path bases.  Bongiorno, D.; Di Piazza, Luisa; Skvortsov, V. A.
579-586 Continuity versus nonexistence for a class of linear stochastic Cauchy problems driven by a Brownian motion.  Dettweiler, Johanna; Neerven, Jan van
587-590 Signed and minus domination in bipartite graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
591-599 A note on on-line ranking number of graphs.  Semanišin, G.; Soták, R.
601-611 Projective modules and prime submodules.  Alkan, Mustafa; Tiraş, Yücel
613-619 Positive vector measures with given marginals.  Khurana, Surjit Singh
621-640 On the existence of multiple solutions for a nonlocal BVP with vector-valued response.  Nowakowski, Andrzej; Orpel, Aleksandra
641-648 Prime and primary submodules of certain modules.  Amini, A.; Amini, B.; Sharif, H.
649-657 Conformally flat pseudo-symmetric spaces of constant type.  Calvaruso, G.
659-675 Travel groupoids.  Nebeský, Ladislav
677-687 Some liftings of Poisson structures to Weil bundles.  Dębecki, Jacek
689-695 The distance between fixed points of some pairs of maps in Banach spaces and applications to differential systems.  Mortici, Cristinel
697-710 The weak hereditary class of a variety.  Bartol, Wiktor; Rosselló, Francesc
711-719 Polynomial orbits in finite commutative rings.  Konečná, Petra
721-732 A note on characteristic classes.  Zhou, Jianwei
733-754 Subdirect decompositions and the radical of a generalized Boolean algebra extension of a lattice ordered group.  Jakubík, Ján
755-763 Negation in bounded commutative $DR\ell$-monoids.  Rachůnek, Jiří; Slezák, Vladimír
765-772 A note on Riesz spaces with property-$b$.  Alpay, Ş.; Altin, B.; Tonyali, C.
773-780 Estimates of global dimension.  Jiaqun, Wei
781-788 On $\scr L$-starcompact spaces.  Song, Yan-Kui
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