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Issue 3,  Volume 41, 2005 (Kybernetika)

[265]-284 Aggregations preserving classes of fuzzy relations.  Drewniak, Józef; Dudziak, Urszula
[285]-296 The cancellation law for pseudo-convolution.  Stupňanová, Andrea
[297]-314 Extraction of fuzzy logic rules from data by means of artificial neural networks.  Holeňa, Martin
[315]-328 Semicopulæ.  Durante, Fabrizio; Sempi, Carlo
[329]-348 Extension to copulas and quasi-copulas as special $1$-Lipschitz aggregation operators.  Klement, Erich Peter; Kolesárová, Anna
[349]-360 Domination in the families of Frank and Hamacher t-norms.  Sarkoci, Peter
[361]-374 A spectral theorem for $\sigma$ MV-algebras.  Pulmannová, Sylvia
[375]-388 Fuzzy distances.  Bednář, Josef
[389]-396 A collector for information without probability in a fuzzy setting.  Vivona, Doretta; Divari, Maria
[397]-422 Multiplication, distributivity and fuzzy-integral. I.  Sander, Wolfgang; Siedekum, Jens
[423]-424 Book reviews.  
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